Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make extra money by sharing products that you love and would recommend anyway! For example, I’m an affiliate for my favorite business courses and tools, because I use them often and genuinely recommend them. As an affiliate, I make a small percentage if you buy through one of my links, but your cost remains the same. Is this a get rich quick scheme? NOPE. But affiliate marketing can add a few extra hundred dollars to your bank account each month. Who wouldn’t like that?!

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll promote other businesses’ products and earn income based on the traffic and sales your site drives. When you become an affiliate, you agree to the terms and conditions (T&C) of that merchant’s program, and you use a specific link to mention the seller on your blog, social media, or email list. When a visitor clicks the link, a cookie (an internet tool that tracks their browsing sessions) is placed on their computer for a period of time determined by the merchant. If the customer then makes a purchase, the seller checks for the cookie and credits you with a sale according to the terms of your contract. 

That sounds pretty simple, right?

Really, it can be! The key is, figuring out who your target audience is, which helps you figure out what products you should share with them, and then figuring out HOW you want to share the things you recommend.

You’ve likely seen blog posts or courses that promise you six figures for ‘simple affiliate marketing’, welp, that’s not what I’m going to promise you here.

Would it be awesome? Obviously! But, my target audience (aka you!) wants simple and applicable tips to help them make a little extra money without a ton of extra work. And that’s why I created this course. No huge promises, no BS, and being super technologically inclined isn’t required either.

Like any business the more time and effort you put into affiliate marketing, the more you can expect to profit, and I’d love to see you make millions. But, I also understand that you have limited time and energy on your hands and could use a few extra hundred bucks a month too!

Can you recommend anything you're approved as an affiliate for? Sure. But personally, I only promote products or services that I actually use and recommend, so that is the basis for this entire course.

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Affiliate Marketing Basics

Affiliate Marketing Basics:
A way for the everyday social media user to get started making money recommending the products they already use and love!

Affiliate marketing is simply recommending products and getting a commission from your favorite brands or service providers to recommend that product that you use already! Since 90% of people trust a social media user or friend over a brand, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for brands to grow, and it's a great way for YOU to make some extra cash too.

Do you need to have a big following or a blog to get started making money with affiliate marketing?


This course includes actionable steps on how to get started with affiliate marketing, even if you don't have a large following or a blog. As a bonus, it includes an organizational spreadsheet for your affiliate links, affiliate post examples, my favorite affiliate programs and networks, and all of the information you need to get started today making money with affiliate marketing. 

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