Affiliate Marketing Basics by Jenna Green

Affiliate Marketing Basics

Affiliate Marketing Basics:
A way for the everyday social media user to get started making money recommending the products they already use and love!

Affiliate marketing is simply recommending products and getting a commission from your favorite brands or service providers to recommend that product that you use already! Since 90% of people trust a social media user or friend over a brand, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for brands to grow, and it's a great way for YOU to make some extra cash too.

Do you need to have a big following or a blog to get started making money with affiliate marketing?


This course includes actionable steps on how to get started with affiliate marketing, even if you don't have a large following or a blog. As a bonus, it includes an organizational spreadsheet for your affiliate links, affiliate post examples, my favorite affiliate programs and networks, and all of the information you need to get started today making money with affiliate marketing. 

What's included?

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What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate Marketing Overview
Best Practices for Affiliate Marketers
The Basics
Glossary of Affiliate Marketing Terms
BONUS: Social Media Marketing Best Practices
Social Media Marketing Success Tips
Choosing Your Affiliate Marketing Programs & Products
Understanding Your Options
Reviewing Products As An Affiliate
Increasing Your Affiliate Sales
Action Steps to Get Started With Affiliate Marketing
Action Items to Get Started Now
Affiliate Programs & Networks to Get Started!
Affiliate Programs and Networks List 6.23.19.pdf
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Take Your Marketing to the Next Level
Staying Organized
Affiliate Marketing Tracker.xlsx
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